Provincial seeding progress sits at 93% completion, up 2% from last week, and behind the 5-year average for Week 25, when seeding is fully complete in Manitoba. Seeding progress will no longer be tracked after this week’s report.

Extreme weather comprised of heavy rains, hail, and strong winds affected multiple parts of Manitoba, leaving wet areas wetter, and damaging crops and farm infrastructure in localized areas.

Spraying for weeds is ongoing, with herbicide application on corn, sunflowers, flax, and wheat done or nearly complete in all regions where field access remains possible. Insecticide application for flea beetles is widespread, with some applications for grasshopper nymph damage in localized fields where pressure was high last fall.

Herbicide shortages for glufosinate have growers and retailers scrambling to find adequate supply to spray canola crops, many of which have not yet had the first herbicide application and weed pressure is rising.

Flea beetle feed pressure has caused severe damage in many canola crops, necessitating multiple foliar insecticide applications, or forced a reseed.

Crops are advancing reasonably well, despite challenging environmental conditions, with notable exceptions in the northern Interlake, and surrounding Lake Manitoba west towards Riding Mountain

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