The Pat Porter Active Living Centre was hopping with music and dancing at the Groovy Gala earlier this month. 

Executive Director Audrey Harder says it was an interesting event for many reasons, one being the snowstorm that prevented their planned entertainment from being able to make the trip to Steinbach. 

With basically no notice, Island Breeze came to the rescue and Harder says it was truly amazing to see the way they took over the stage with confidence and a plan. 

“So, we ended up having an amazing event after all with Island Breeze. They had the entire group up and dancing and doing all sorts. It was a blast.” 

Even with the snowy weather, Harder says the place was packed as people were ready for a fun fundraiser. 

“Everybody was dressed up in their 70s. There were more people dressed up than not, I think. So that was really cool. The 60s and 70s were alive and well here. We really enjoyed it, and the cool thing about Island Breeze is they took some of the older music and they kind of added a bit of a reggae flair to it and made it so much fun as they do, and to do it at the last minute. What an amazing experience to watch the community pull together when you don't know what to do.” 

There were nearly 300 people in attendance on that snowy evening, raising just over $30,000. These funds go a long way toward paying for programming at the centre. 

“Our actual funding is only 22% of what we need in a year, we really have to work hard at it and of course, this community always comes together and we're so proud to be a part of it. It's been fantastic.” 

This financial support from the community also helps maintain low admission fees to participate in the many activities that fill up the calendar. 

“We are an active living center, and our goal is to keep people healthy and active physically, socially, and in any way possible,” says Harder. “In order to do that and make sure that it's accessible to everybody, we have to keep the costs down. That is our goal.”