As with all growing communities, it takes time to learn traffic patterns when it comes to parking regulations in new housing developments. And so it is with the town of Niverville.  

As of November 15, 2022, an amendment to Traffic and Parking Bylaw 801-18 was passed by Niverville Town Council which prohibits residents of Landsbury Terrace area from parking at the north end of the street. This is due to its intended purpose as a spot for the placement of snow by snow-clearing operations.  

This by-law change also affects residents living along Tweed Lane, who have been advised that the area at the north end of the land has also been designated a “no parking zone” in that same amendment.  

The town has since placed signs at the north ends of both Landsbury Terrace and Tweed Lane that says that vehicles will be ticketed or towed if residents park in that area for the duration of the winter.  

Mayor Myron Dyck commented on this By-law Amendment following the latest Town Council,  “So, one of the challenges that we have with something like we passed today, is that you try and ensure that in your new developments, that you have enough on-site parking, but the biggest issue that we're seeing is that, whether there are people that are parking in those areas for other means or they are just trying to get onto their yard because there's some spillover of vehicles, as a town, we now have to allocate for things like piling snow for instance while people are parking there. We understand that. We get it. It makes sense, but at the same time it (make the by-law adjustment) was done with a purpose and intent of just trying to manage the snow.” 

The Mayor encourages Niverville residents to communicate with him and the council members, when it comes to all-things municipal government, to please reach out.  Feedback is always welcome through their website or call the town office, 204-388-4600.  

“And if there are residents that just want to have a chat, go ahead and ask Facebook. But if people are wanting facts, to please message us or call us.”  

Niverville residents should also note that vehicles parked on Designated Snow Routes between the hours of 6am and 6pm are subject to being ticketed and towed. The bylaw will be enforced in this manner when snow-clearing crews need to clear snow.