The mild weather this past week has taken a toll on outdoor recreation facilities in Steinbach. Parks and Recreation programmer Jason Peters the outdoor rinks and toboggan hills saw a lot of melting.

"They've certainly taken a beating in this weather so our outdoor rinks, the one at the arena we have formally closed that one for the season. Even if we were to get some colder weather, we just don't have enough weeks left in the calendar to make it workth building ice again."

Peters says the outdoor rink at the library is available for use at your own risk although the lights will be kept off.

As for the tobogganing hills, he says, "It's a little bit of user beware. Make sure you're checking it out before you head up there. A lot of the snow, especially at the top of the hill, is gone at both A.D. Penner Park and Abe's Hill. If you feel like you want to try to get one last weekend out of them, you're more than welcome to do that but those hills are on borrowed time."

The snow is disappearing quickly on Abe's Hill