The Sandilands Community Club is hosting a Spring Seed Swap this weekend. 

Laurie Taylor, President of the Sandilands Community Club, says it will be a great opportunity for gardeners in the area to enjoy their hobby with the community. 

“We're gathering at the gazebo to meet with other gardeners, regardless of their skill level, and trade some tips, share seeds, and get to know members of our community that love to do the whole gardening thing.” 

She is hoping to see a good turnout. 

“It's a pretty wide community nowadays, there's a lot more people getting into building and growing their own garden, so I'm excited.” 

If you plan to bring a lot of seeds, Taylor asks you email so she can make sure to set aside a table for you to set up in the gazebo. 

She explains that she decided to put on this event as she has been an avid gardener for many years. 

“So it's really a bit of a labor of love. I'm constantly in my garden every year, and I think it's really important to share that knowledge and that love of gardening with other people,” she says. "I'm also a huge proponent of land stewardship and some of the concepts that come along with that in terms of working the land and working with the land to produce what we need from it."

Taylor adds it can be difficult to grow a garden in Sandilands.

“It's pretty sandy as you may imagine by the name Sandilands, so it definitely took me a few years to get things straightened out, and I'd love to be able to help other people get there a little quicker.” 

This is going to be a seed-only exchange, as Taylor says it’s still early in the year to bring everything out. 

The Sandilands Community Club will be hosting a second Spring Seed Swap in April where people will be allowed to bring other items such as gardening tools. 

“I wasn't quite sure if the weather was going to cooperate us with us for February, so I limited it to just seeds so that people weren't trying to bring tillers through the snowbank. Not quite warm enough for that yet, so in April we'll have another one.”

The first Spring Seed Swap is on Saturday, February 24, from 1pm-2pm in the gazebo at Sandilands Park.

The date for the second Spring Seed Swap is yet to be determined.