Both Steinbach Credit Union (SCU) and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) would like to inform the public about separate frauds circulating in our province.

According to SCU, members are reporting receiving fraudulent calls claiming to be from SCU, or in some cases, Microsoft on behalf of SCU. The scammer informs the member that there has been fraudulent transaction activity on their account and in order to fix the transaction, they need to come into a branch and withdraw large sums of cash and deposit the funds into a Bitcoin ATM.

SCU is reminding its members that it will never call and ask you to reveal personal information, or to withdraw funds from your account. SCU states that if you do receive a call, you should not take any action but should rather call Steinbach Credit Union to confirm the call is legitimate.

Meanwhile, MPI is warning its customers of a fraudulent text message, alerting customers to the collection of money or missed payments. The text, which appears to be from MPI, states that the customer has missed a payment and recommends clicking a link to complete a payment transaction. MPI says this message is not from them and they do not conduct business regarding payments in this manner.

Should a customer receive a text of this nature, MPI recommends not responding to the message and not to click on any links. Customers who have concerns about their account or payments are asked to contact their Autopac agent or MPI Contact Centre at 204-985-7000 or toll-free at 1-800-665-2410.