The Village of St.Pierre is making a request to the provincial government to further twin Highway 59.

Mayor Mona Fallis says years ago, the province made a commitment that by the year 2000, Highway 59 would be twinned all the way to St.Malo Provincial Park. St.Pierre council is now asking for that to happen, and is inviting neighbouring municipalities to back this cause.

"We understand the dollars are a little tight but this is a project that they started years ago and we would like it to continue in light of all the accidents that have happened just this year on Highway 59," notes Fallis. "We think it's important for the safety of our residents and all the municipalities along Highway 59.

Fallis admits she is both surprised and not surprised that after fifteen years, this project has yet to happen. On the one hand, she says the region is experiencing tremendous growth and it's a concern needing to be addressed. But, at the same time she acknowledges the government has been challenged over the last number of years and funds are being diverted elsewhere.

"But now I think is a good time to start the initiation process to continue this project seeing that it would be a good time to continue," she says.

"It's difficult to build roads and we understand that," notes Fallis. "But I think we have to support our residents that safety's an issue and as soon as we can continue this project, our residents will be a lot happier."

Fallis says she is hoping to get a meeting with the provincial government to find out where things are at but also to express concerns.

"We really need this done sooner than later," says Fallis. "Cause it's already fifteen years after the completion date and it's still not done. They've done some of it and we're thankful for that but it has to continue."