After a wonderful year at Phoenix Cheer Athletics, Jazmine Lansard was named their Athlete of the Year.

"I started 3 years ago, so in 2020", Lansard explains. "I do stunting, tumbling, and jumps"

This year has been a memorable one as Lansard says they've been able to travel to different places in Canada. "This season we've traveled to Moose Jaw and even Niagra Falls. It's been very, very fun."

Lansard says a lot of her development as a cheerleader comes from the coaching she's received. "The coaches are great. They really help you, they make you better as an athlete. Plus, they're really nice."

Jazmine's mom Pauline says it was special to hear Jazmine's name called for Athlete of the Year, especially with the family there to enjoy the moment. "It was great. We were all able to be there. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way but this time did, so it meant something special."

As excited as Jazmine was to win, Pauline jokes there may have been one person more excited. "Her dad was really excited. Jazmine put in a lot of hard work and she certainly deserved the moment."

There was a presentation of a very large trophy but Pauline says Jazmine won't be making room in the house for it. "Unfortunately, it stays at the gym", Pauline says with a laugh. "They put all the athlete's names on who wins it every year. She gets a plaque to keep at home, so that's good."

Jazmine plans to continue in cheerleading and is looking forward to pushing herself and taking on bigger challenges.