January was a great month for Steinbach building permits, as they reached $10.2 million. More specifically, they reached $8.6 million in commerical and $1.6 million in residential. 

Councillor Susan Penner says it’s great to see such a strong start to 2024 after a record-breaking 2023. 

“What an incredible way to start the year coming off the heels of an incredible year last year. I know last year we were always saying how commercial and residential are usually close to 50/50, and then last year it kind of blew that out of the water being primarily commercial, and that kind of seems to be what's happening here.” 

Penner notes the Bethesda Hospital expansion is listed at $7.5 million in building permits for January. 

“So that is a significant investment, and obviously something our community needs. But we've also got a few more big projects with the multifamily and another retail store, so off to a great start.” 

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra agrees that Steinbach is off to a good start for the year. 

“The biggest item on here in January is the Bethesda Hospital expansion, but we also have some new residential development happening and some commercial structures as well, so January is off to a good start with year-to-date permits of already $10 million.” 

Mayor Earl Funk says it’s great to see that commercial and industrial is alive and well in the City of Steinbach. 

“What a fantastic month, and like Councillor Susan Penner said, on the heels of a record year of last year over 200 million. And now we have probably one of the best January’s we've had, it's incredible.” 

With the $62 million permit from the Southeast Event Centre in 2023 removed, January 2024 building permits are the highest in the last 5 years. 

Steinbach January building permits from 2019-2024