A 16-year-old teenager from the RM of Ste. Anne has died of injuries sustained in a car crash last Saturday just south of Steinbach. Tyler Klassen was the driver of a car that went out of control and crashed into a tree along Hanover Road, one mile west of Highway #12. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition and has since passed away.

Doreen Dueck and Krissy Kerr work with Tyler's mom in Niverville. Dueck says they have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs.

"His mom is struggling financially to pay for the funeral. She's been given a heads up as what to expect, how much it's going to cost and that's overwhelming for her. Just the thought of losing a child is already overwhelming, so as a mother, I wouldn't be thinking about funeral costs and money. I wouldn't be running around looking for money to be burying my child. I'd be grieving and heartbroken."

Meanwhile, Dueck says Tyler told his mom only one month ago that, if he died, he would like his organs donated. She adds that has happened and those organ donations will help about 50 people. She gives some examples.

"His kidneys will go to two different people, his pancreas and liver will help four people. His eyes will be saving seven people to be able to see again; they're going to be using some tissues and some muscle."

Meanwhile, RCMP report a 16 year-old passenger in the car is now in stable condition.