Sharon Neufeld knows what it's like to live in poverty.  At one time she remembers being a single mom on financial assistance, not having enough money to pay the rent, pay the utility bills, and buy groceries.  She lived on a day to day basis not knowing whether the electricity would be turned off, or if her phone would be disconnected because she was behind in payments.  She lived with the day to day stress of not knowing if there would be enough money to put food on the table.

Sharon says she is now in a position to help others living in poverty and has started an initiative called The Great Purse Purge.  She's not only looking for donations of used handbags - she's also asking for donations of things like shampoo, soap, and other personal hygiene items that she can stuff inside and hand out to women in need.  

If you have items that you'd like to donate, you can contact Sharon through her Facebook page, by email: or by phone at 204-370-9014.

Sharon Neufeld is looking for donations for The Great Purse Purge