As the month of September ended, the Seine River School Division saw its student population 311 higher than what had been projected. 

Enrollment was calculated at 4,681 students, higher than the expected 4,370 students. 

Board Chair Wendy Bloomfield says the increase did not result in a significant change in staffing numbers. 

“It doesn’t necessarily have a huge impact on any one class or any one school,” she says, “because it's typically spread out all across the division.” 

Transportation is one area that is impacted by the increased student population as transportation routes are at capacity. 

The September enrollment numbers are submitted to the province for calculating the funding amount for next year. 

However, Bloomfield says Manitoba school divisions can expect some changes to the current funding model. 

“We don’t know if they’re going to continue to base everything around student numbers,” she says. 

School boards have been involved in discussions with the province as they look to make improvements to the way funding is determined for each division. 

“We don't know yet what those details are,” Bloomfield says. And she hopes that school divisions will soon be given some information which will help school boards as they begin preparing the budget for the following school year.