The Hanover School Board wants to have a greater police presence at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School. 

Chairperson Ron Falk says they have sent a letter to Steinbach City Council requesting a partnership in this regard. 

“Just asking if they’d be interested in partnering with the school division and the RCMP and providing or working together with us and having a salaried RCMP officer at the SRSS during the school year,” he says. “The RCMP has a very good presence there already and we've been in consultation with the RCMP and very favorable discussions.” 

Falk says the high school in Steinbach is big enough that it makes sense to bring in a police officer on a full-time basis. 

“It doesn’t always have to be a heavy-handed type of a presence but definitely establishing rapport with students, giving some students a sense of security, I guess you could say, sense of peace and ease,” he says. “Just being a presence there and interacting with the students.” 

Falk says the RCMP already has a good presence at the SRSS. 

“You know, we have a big school there, it’s a very large facility,” he says. “It's the largest in the province as far as square footage and the number of people in the building. So, it's just good to have a bit more visibility there and maybe handle some things that some of our other professionals maybe aren't trained to do quite as well as the RCMP possibly.” 

Hanover School Board is now waiting to hear from City Council.