The Steinbach Community Foundation held an event Wednesday evening at the Steinbach Arts Center where $59,139 in funding was handed out through the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund.

Mary Jane Hiebert, Board Chair with the Foundation, says the event was a little bit different from their usual granting day in early spring of each year.  

“So, we were invited as one of 100 different foundations across Canada to, you know, talk about additional funding that was available through the Government of Canada that we could then disperse again to local charities in our community.” 

Hiebert says, while SCF has collected funds from local individuals and businesses which they hand out, there are other monies available which they will help non-profit organizations apply for. That said, 

“A lot of people don't even know that our foundation exists. So, we're trying to get the word out there. Spread the word that there is a foundation locally within our community. That gives back to the community, and so that's part of it. But yes, we could tap into this Recovery Fund. So basically, what happened was following COVID a lot of organizations felt that they were struggling, and they needed assistance. The government recognized that, and there was a $400 million investment from the proceeds of that, money was arranged across Canada to go to community organizations locally.” 

Taryn Lucas, Recovery Fund Coordinator described what they do. "We help community service organizations, non-profits, charities and Indigenous governing bodies, adapt, modernize and be better equipped to improve the efficacy, accessibility of the community service that they provide through the pandemic recovery and beyond."   

The following projects received funding in the City of Steinbach and area:  

$20,985 was invested to fund Steinbach Community Outreach to implement a new communication plan and teach staff current tools and strategies, diversify SCO’s funding base, and then allow SCO to utilize new online fundraising strategies, personnel training, and systems modernization. 

SCO Office Manager, Charlene Kroeker with Jenna Sudds SCO Office Manager, Charlene Kroeker (left) with Taryn Lucas, Recovery Fund Coordinator

Charlene Kroeker, Office Manager at Steinbach Community Outreach notes,

"We have a lot of big plans for this money, it really came at the right time. Of course, our numbers have increased so dramatically over the past number of years, we needed some funding in order to build capacity, in order to keep up with the demand, and so, with this money we are now going digital with our case-management system, before this we have been doing everything by paper, and we simply have way to many people (to Steinbach Community Outreach) to continue that way. We are also updating all the training for our staff. As well, we are exploring our fundraising strategies, we've got a website redesign that's going on, a new brand-video that we're developing and then of course, all the computer-related in-the-background-stuff that goes along with this." Kroeker says, this money will help SCO efficiently and in an organized way, offer better services to the people they are serving.

$14,500 was invested to fund Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman Inc. to engage ROC program participants, volunteers, board, staff, and stakeholders in inclusive, facilitated discussions to vision and strategize our organization for up to 25 years. Many adaptations are required and, with the help of our ROC community's experience and expertise, creating a long-term, collective vision will lay the foundation and building blocks to sustainability.     

ROC Board Chair, Shauna Doerksen and Board member Jonathon Fehr with Jenna SuddsROC Board Chair, Shauna Doerksen and Board member Jonathon Fehr with Taryn Lucas, Recovery Fund Coordinator

Shauna Doerksen, Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman Inc. Board Chair is just as thrilled.

"We were so excited to receive these funds, just to help us further our organizational values and mission, and honestly, just floored about this opportunity. So with these funds we are feeling so excited about being able to look beyond just a 5-year plan, hopefully we can now look at least 25-years ahead, you know like, what are the things that we can dream and scheme, and so we are so thrilled to be able to use these funds to be able to connect with important stakeholders, participants, communities, to really help us move forward with all the things that ROC wants to do." 

Doerksen notes, that since COVID they have noticed some trends within the participating ROC families and so, "with this money we will be able to address those trends and really look at the needs of our participants, like where does ROC need to go, what does ROC need to offer. But more than that, just to be able to look at and do something about the barriers families are facing and helping out as best as possible."

$23,654 was invested to fund Cedarwood Supportive Housing Inc. (HavenGroup) to enhance an accounting system through migration from a location-dependent, single server-based setting to a cloud-based environment, with requisite staff training and procedure updates for successful operation in that context. Project completion will grow the capacity of the systems and the staff of the Finance team to meet the needs of clients and the HavenGroup leadership and staff. 

HavenGroup CEO Tannis Nickel with Jenna SuddsHavenGroup CEO Tannis Nickel (left) with Taryn Lucas, Recovery Fund Coordinator

Meanwhile, Tannis Nickel Chief Executive Officer at HavenGroup notes,  

“It is awesome. You know there are so many things we can do to enhance the accounting system. The new program we have purchased with this money, looks at the old archaic way of how we were doing things, and employs new collaborative means. This program makes everything more efficient, more system-user friendly and safe. Plus our staff are finding this new system is making their job so much easier. It's a system that they can use from anywhere, as it's a Cloud-based system giving multiple users access to the program."


The funds were handed over at a special event, Wednesday evening, at the Steinbach Arts Council. The reception and awards evening welcomed public officials representing Steinbach, MP Ted Falk along with other dignitaries, congratulating the three community services organizations, who also expressed their thanks and appreciation to Steinbach Community Foundation for their support of the community.


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