As we move into the second half of winter, Steinbach Community Outreach is asking for warm donations to help their guests make it through the season. 

Office Manager Charlene Kroeker gives an idea of items that would be helpful. 

“We’re always looking for things like waterproof and windproof winter mittens, balaclavas at this time of year are in high demand, and warm winter boots and winter parkas,” she says. “We'll take gently used items, that's no problem.” 

Kroeker says during a cold snap, it is a great time to look through your home for items that you do not need anymore and get them to people who could really use them. 

“If you’re stuck inside, go clean out a closet,” she suggests. “If you have a jacket or boots or something that you haven't worn in a year, doesn't fit you anymore, we'd be happy to take it off your hands. Drop them off at 345 Loewen Boulevard. Just come on into the drop-in center Monday to Friday, if you happen to come outside our hours, there's a donation bin next to the doors, you can pop them in there.” 

The new year began with disappointment at Steinbach Community Outreach. 

Staff reported a break in at their office and a list of stolen items included iPads, a laptop and projector that were going to be used for movie nights.  

Many hand warmers were also reported stolen. Since the theft, Kroeker says they received a generous donation of hand warmers from Canadian Tire. 

She notes they are filing an insurance claim from that event. Meanwhile, Kroeker expresses appreciation for the business community and private citizens for helping them continue to offer programming and supplies to people who need them the most. 

“The community has been fantastic.”

Steinbach Community Outreach assists people experiencing poverty and lack of housing by filling in the gaps left by other organizations. 

The organization works with approximately 20 people per month who are struggling with homelessness, and supports over 400 households per year through programming at the outreach center.