The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) supports the federal government's decision to end the grain shipping volume mandates for CN and CP.

WCWGA President Levi Wood says the order was necessary to reduce the grain shipping backlog; however it is now time to see a return to a system where the marketplace determines grain shipping patterns rather than a government decree.

According to the Wheat Growers, one side effect of the order is that it caused the railways to limit the shipment of wheat and oats into US markets.

Producer car shipments and shipments from shortlines have also been limited.

While the original order may have resulted in the most grain moving to market in the fastest possible way, it may not have resulted in the highest returns to farmers.

The group feels suspending the order should see a return to market-driven grain shipping patterns.

Wood says the grain shipping system still needs a significant overhaul to avoid a repeat of the problems we faced in the past 16 months.