The NDP candidate in the Dawson Trail riding says she gets the sense people want a change in their provincial government. Echo Asher, who grew up in the riding but does not currently live there, says she is hearing from a lot of voters who are not happy with how the Conservatives have run the province.

Echo Asher"I know rural areas tend to vote more Conservative, but people are angry about our current health care system and what has been happening to it."

Asher recalls how the NDP made some missteps before the last election and ended up being turfed out of office. She senses the same could happen to the Conservatives.

"The last election, unfortunately, things were done just before the election that made people angry. They voted accordingly. This time around, I think health care is huge, I think education is huge. People who work in those fields are angry and they want change. They don't deserve to be treated the way they have been treated."

Asher notes voters are also telling her they don't like large class sizes in their public schools. And, she adds, they also want their provincial government to take climate change seriously.

Asher says she is very passionate about what is happening in the province and that is what prompted her to seek election. She emphasizes that she would be attentive and responsive to constituents and give them a voice in the Legislature