“A jeweller never tells.” 

This from Nick Lanteigne, Sales Manager at GNM Fine Jewellers, in a recent radio ad.  

As a jeweller, he’s accustomed to keeping client’s secrets. Husbands buy surprise gifts for their wives. Young men buy engagement rings. There are many reasons to be careful to not steal anyone’s thunder. But as it turns out, he’s been keeping a secret of his own for quite a while.  

“We’re moving the store to Main Street,” Lanteigne shares.  

Longtime clients of GNM Fine Jewellers who are accustomed to visiting their favourite jewelry store in Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre may find this news shocking, but Lanteigne has a solid reason behind the move.  

“When people are purchasing jewelry, and with engagements in particular, there needs to be a certain level of discretion. Being in a mall setting with people walking by, it can be tough to provide that for our clients. A stand-alone storefront will allow us to create a better overall experience for our customers.” 

Another thing that customers appreciate? Massive discounts.  

Any store that moves will sell off their inventory at drastically reduced prices, and GNM Fine Jewellers is no different.  

“Our relocation sale kicked off last week and will be continuing until we close our doors,” says Lanteigne. “Everything is a minimum 15% discount. There are a few exclusions to that. But there's a lot of inventory that’s all the way up to a 50% discount – there are many pieces that just need to find a new home!” 

Speaking of new homes… where exactly will GNM Fine Jewellers be reappearing?  

“We’ll be just across from Shoppers Drug Mart, at 375 Main,” says Lanteigne. The pride and joy in his voice is palpable. “That’s two doors down from Chicken Chef.”  

Some people may remember when Gold-N-Memories first opened its doors in downtown Steinbach. Now with their return to Main Street, it’s all come full circle.  

Lanteigne says it’s been a long process, and the GNM team is excited to see they’re nearing the end.  

“Painters are in there, flooring is coming next week, and it's starting to look like a store. We’re hoping to open our doors sometime in early spring this year and it's going to be huge.” 

Interior of the new GNM Fine Jewellers under constructionInterior shot of the new GNM Fine Jewellers under construction

GNM Fine Jewellers will bring a whole new modern look to the front of the building and anticipates joining neighbouring downtown businesses in being strong advocates for Steinbach’s Main Street.  

Until then, the storewide moving sale continues at GNM Fine Jewellers in Steinbach’s Clearspring Centre. The sooner you step inside, the sooner you save!  

To see updates as GNM gets closer to their moving day, follow them on Instagram @gnmjewllers and Facebook @gnmfinejewellers  

Artists rendering of finished exterior of the new GNM Fine JewellersArtists rendering of finished exterior of the new GNM Fine Jewellers