“We're so excited! At our Customer Appreciation Event, we’ll be giving away swag bags (valued at $80 each) to the first 100 customers, you can Spin to Win your purchase, we’ll have discounts, free full-size products, and more! It's going to be a fantastic day.”  

This from Leane Janz who, along with her father Dennis Schroeder, owns Good n’ Natural in Steinbach. Right now they’re planning a party, and you’re invited! 

“On Saturday, September 16th, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, we’re having a big Customer Appreciation Event, both out on our parking lot, and inside the store. We’d love to see customers both new and old!” 

Everyone is encouraged to come and experience everything Good n’ Natural (also known as GNN) brings to the Southeast, as Janz says people are always shocked to discover all the products they carry and services they provide.  

“There's so much to see! People are always surprised when they walk into the store, saying, ‘Oh! There’s more here than I thought,’ and, ‘I didn't know you had that.’ So at our event, we’ll be highlighting our offerings, and how we've grown over the years. We started with one supplement line and now we represent over 300 brands in our store. We also have a variety of hand-crafted items that we make in-house as well as a full refill market.” 

Good n’ Natural has been around for a lot longer than people sometimes realize. The store first opened in 1994, in a small shop on Main Street in Steinbach. Leane and Dennis became involved in 1999 when the shop was located in Victoria Plaza. In 2005 they became sole owners, and in 2006 they moved GNN to its current location on Park Road – and have expanded twice since then! 

Most of all, Janz wants to showcase her staff to the community during their big Customer Appreciation Event this Saturday.  

“Many people don't realize we offer free 15-minute consultations. We prioritize education, and each person at GNN is uniquely equipped to educate each customer.”  

Providing a safe shopping experience is very important to Janz and her staff at GNN.  

“Walking into a health food store can be intimidating – just seeing hundreds of different brands on the shelf and being unsure of where to begin. That's why we empower our staff, with our in-house education program. We do a lot of product training with the brands we sell, so we can explain the options to our customers.” 

It’s incredible to think about GNN’s growth, but through it all, their mission has remained the same. 

“Our mission statement has always been to inspire our customers to pursue a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve their wellness goals and in turn build a stronger community. And we've held on to that,” reflects Janz.  

“We prioritize education, empowering and inspiring our community, and that means meeting people wherever they're at in their health journey. That's always a guiding light for us, no matter what.”  

Giving back to the community has always been very important to Good n’ Natural.  

“Whenever we make big decisions or plan what comes next, we ask, ‘How do we help our community and how do we help people pursue a healthy lifestyle in our community?’ We take our staff’s ideas into careful consideration, and really listen to the community and our valued customers when they tell us what they're looking for.” 

Janz says everyone is invited to discover or rediscover everything GNN has to offer, at their customer appreciation event this Saturday.  

“We’ll have a ton of free samples for folks to try, so we can connect people with the right protein, greens, and collagen. We’ll also have all of our hand-crafted items, gift ideas, and new refillery out there for people to check out.” 

“We just want to welcome people who have supported us over the years, but also welcome people who are curious if we have something to offer for them or if we could help.” 

GNN’s Customer Appreciation Event happens this Saturday, September 16 from 9:30 AM until 5:00 PM at their Park Road location in Steinbach. Come and enjoy a self-guided scavenger hunt or enter to win one of the many prize packages that are up for grabs! 

For deals and details, visit Good n’ Natural in-store or online at https://shop.goodnnatural.ca/