We’ve been collecting our receipts and invoices in anticipation of the tax deadline. Now the time is nearly upon us, and Leo’s Mobile Tax Service is ready!  

Leo Deurbrouck Jr. owns Leo's Mobile Tax Service, which offers house-call tax services.  

“We're actually the only tax firm that serves people in the comfort of their own home. But we also have virtual appointments, and our storefront where people can come to us as well.” 

When Leo first started his business, he assumed those with limited mobility would find his business particularly helpful. But like most things in life, things turned out differently.  

“Most of our mobile calls are young families with young children who just can't find the time to leave their house; they've got too much stuff going on.” 

Leo mentions there’s an added element of convenience with tax service house calls. If he needs a certain piece of paperwork, his client doesn’t have to go home and get it. They’re already there!  

“They just go into their junk drawer just two feet from the kitchen table where we're working, grab what I need, and we get ‘er done.” 

Not only does Leo meet his clients where they’re at – he says Leo’s Mobile Tax Service makes a concerted effort to continually improve by getting feedback from his customers.  

“Every year, we ask our clients what we could’ve done better. We take that information to heart and follow through on it.” 

Leo reveals that Leo’s Mobile Tax Service was born out of a very tough time.  

“My dad, Leo Deurbrouck Sr. had been doing taxes for 23 years, mostly of which was with Liberty Tax Service as a franchise owner. It was at the ripe age of 17 when I began to help him in his Winnipeg offices. From there we began to work together and grow.” 

Eventually the Deurbrouck Duo had six franchise locations. However, everything changed on May 29th, 2014.  

“My dad had a massive heart attack which resulted in an anoxic brain injury,” reveals Leo. “He was on full life support for a week and a half and we were all sure we had lost him. But one day he opened his eyes. However, he will never be the same. He fights every day to recover some of what he once was.”  

Because of his father’s heart attack, the family had to sell all of their franchises. This was when Leo Jr. started Leo’s Mobile Tax Service, and he made a unique commitment. 

“Having lost everything and needing to start new, I decided that for every new customer, I would donate $5 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help my dad and families out there like mine.” 

When it comes to tax-filing advice, Leo says the best thing to do is to simply pay a professional. 

“I can't say how many times I've talked to people who tell me they just have a simple tax return so they do it themselves. But when we review their returns for the past ten years or so, we find tons of missed money.”  

Leo says Leo’s Mobile Tax Service is ready to help you get your money. 

“The e-file open date is February 20th, but you can file any time. We're ready to rock. Let's get it done, let's get you all your refunds.” 

While Leo’s Mobile Tax Service is busy year-round, tax season in particular feels a bit like the playoffs.  

“Right now we're working about 14 hours a day,” he chuckles.  

Leo explains that individuals have until April 30th, small business and sole proprietors have until June 15th, and corporations have six months after their fiscal year end. 

“A lot of people don't get all the money they're owed. We make sure you get every penny.” 

Leo’s Mobile Tax Service strives to reach their clients where it's best for them. To get in touch, call 204-997-2466, visit their storefront at 8-90 Brandt Street in Steinbach, or book an appointment online at leosmts.com