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“It has been, as I’m sure you could guess, a little crazy.”

Chad Brown speaks for many homeowners when he sums up this spring in Southeast Manitoba. The owner-operator of Brown’s Plumbing & Heating, along with his dedicated staff, has been busy helping customers with failed pumps and water damage—the result of a double-whammy of seasonal thaw and excess rain.

And now, with that springtime maintenance mostly completed, Chad and his team have pivoted to providing air conditioning installation and maintenance as the summer heat arrives.

Each Brown’s installation is ENERGY STAR-labelled, ensuring homes are not only temperature-controlled but also environmentally responsible. Technicians are fully trained and will measure the living space, accounting for ceiling height, basements, doors, windows, and crawl spaces, as well as hot and cold spots and humidity levels. They then design a cooling system to maximize your comfort and go over your payment options. Several different financing options are available.

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Chad points out that clients with existing air conditioning set-ups can also keep ahead of breakdowns with regular maintenance.

“You can often prevent future problems by staying on top of it—just as with changing the oil and maintaining your car,” he says. “A lot of times we can catch stuff before it becomes a problem and extend the life of the cooling system.”

He adds that air conditioning trouble tends to occur when the summer is at its hottest and the system is working its hardest. Naturally, it’s also when he and his technicians are particularly stretched, which is why pre-season inspection is recommended.

“We have an inspection form that we leave with every customer so they can see exactly what we’ve done,” he says. “We typically wash the outdoor condenser and, whenever possible, remove the top unit and wash it from the inside. It’s tricky because you don’t want to use too high a pressure. We also check electrical connections, amp draws, and refrigerant levels to make sure everything’s running at maximum efficiency.”

Given that inspections can also be helpful ahead of winter, Brown’s offers a unique check-up regimen to keep homeowners comfortable while minimizing cost, no matter the season.

“It’s called the ‘MVP’ program,” Chad explains. “It consists of three visits: once for heating, once for cooling, and once for plumbing.”

Each visit includes a 14-point inspection. The heating visit, for example, will involve checking electrical safeties, thermocouple/flame sensors, gas pressure, and vents. On the cooling visit Brown’s will examine air filters, voltage, and amp draws on motors and capacitors, and for plumbing, they’ll look at water lines and pressure, sewage pumps and septic tanks, and sump pump operation.

“Looking at those things ahead of time can help avoid a lot of headache and irritation,” says Chad.

Brown’s is currently offering a discount on air conditioning service that reduces the price the sooner it’s booked. Regarding replacements and installation, they’re also providing package discounts on air conditioners and furnaces.

Interested homeowners, contractors, and building managers can call Brown’s office at (204) 326- 9571 or visit brownsplumbing.ca for more information.

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