A large portion of the hardwood floor in Niverville's CRRC fieldhouse is currently being replaced. 

Recreation Facility Manager Warren Britton says back in May, just two years after the multi-plex facility opened, a futsal tournament was held at the CRRC and a soccer ball hit a sprinkler head and broke it. Unfortunately, this resulted in significant water damage.  

“We thought we got to the sprinkler pretty quickly and were very efficient at getting it turned off, but essentially the water had just sucked down between the cracks in the floor. Everything looked very positive, we thought we soaked up most of, if not all of the water and everything looked great, it was the water that we couldn't see that was the problem.” 

Britton says the tried their best to dry the floor with fans and dehumidifiers but, in the end, only option was to redo the majority of the hardwood. He notes that work is currently underway. 

“They've ripped out approximately two thirds and they are currently working on rebuilding the subfloor right now. I believe all the wood is now in the building and they're just picking away at getting that done.” 

Originally, Britton says they were informed the work would be done by the end of October. He notes “I did send an e-mail yesterday asking for an updated ETA and I haven't heard anything back yet so I'm still crossing my fingers. We do have some bigger events early November that we would really like to have here so we're hoping that things go smoothly the rest of the way.” 

Fortunately, the entire bill for this rehabilitation project is being covered by insurance.  

While work is underway, Britton says they have set out to make sure this sort of accident doesn’t happen again. 

“I contacted a bunch of companies, and everybody was kind of like ‘no, what you have is all that exists’, however, I managed to find a company online out of the United States that was developed for this very reason.” He adds “I was able to order a bunch of sprinkler head covers from them so we'll get those installed within the next couple of weeks as the wood goes in and then hopefully that solves the problem going forward.”