A local college is trying new strategies to help students get the education they need to be successful in the workforce. 

Mary-Ann Shukla, regional manager of Red River College Polytechnic Steinbach campus, says they have learned a lot during the past couple of years. 

She says it has become obvious that students need to access learning in different ways, so they have invested in technology to allow for continued remote learning to accommodate students who prefer that style.

“So, not only do we have our in-person students that are face to face with instructors, but we're also teaching students online at the same time,” Shukla says. 

She adds there are important ways that local employers and the college can work together to address the current employee shortage. 

“We’re always looking for opportunities for students for practicums and co-ops,” Shukla says. “So, if you're a business out there looking for students, looking for some really talented help, Red River is the place to come.” 

President and CEO, Fred Meier, says are always building relationships with local employers to help students make an easy transition into the workforce. 

“Applied Learning is really the key part of what we do at RRC Polytech and that really means we want our students to get out there, to get work integrated learning, to get Co-op placements, to do some projects with businesses and employers as well,” he says. “So, that connection with the community is critically important to us.” 

Red River College Polytech works at creating educational experiences to benefit both the students and local employers. 

RRC Instructor Wayne Ludman says some of the most popular courses are ones that teach skills that can easily be transferred into the workforce. 

“RRC is geared towards meeting the needs of the community and they focus on meeting those needs through business administration diploma, early childhood education, health care aide, and educational assistant and some other programs that meet directly the employment needs in the community,” he says. 

Ludman teaches accounting fundamentals, a course that introduces students to accounting. 

“The students seem to like the program,” he says. “They learn the material, they can use what they learn at work, and when they use it, it makes a difference. So, it hits all the checkboxes.” 

Red River College Polytechnic Steinbach campus is located at 385 Loewen Boulevard.