All hands were on deck this year at Southeast Helping Hands. Like many other organizations, the pandemic’s transitions and other changes affected their duties. 

Operations Manager Ken Dyck is grateful for the community's help and reflects on 2022. 

“Our community is amazing. I mean, most people know if we're in need, they all come together, so you know what, it's always worked and I keep hoping and praying that it will keep on working,”  

The need has fluctuated over the past year. They currently help between 300 to 330 families every two weeks. Those numbers have significantly climbed since the beginning of 2022, around 150. Dyck adds that when the pandemic started, they were helping between 330 to 350 families, so they’re seeing the numbers increase again. 

The number of families isn’t the only factor that has risen. The soaring prices of food have also impacted the organization and those they serve.  

“We're thinking the numbers are still going to increase,” Dyck says. “There are all these little things that don't seem like a lot, but it all adds up for a lot of people.” 

Dyck says that in terms of staff and volunteers, they have been doing “pretty good.” He encourages those interested in volunteering in the new year to connect with them.  

“All you have to do is give us a call, give us your name, your phone number, which times you're available. If we have a place to plug you in, we will gladly plug you in there.” 

With files from Kenton Dyck.