Steinbach resident Cody Epp took advantage of the beautiful day on Tuesday and did some paddle boarding in Steinbach. 

With the snow melting quickly, it caused all kinds of 'rivers' in Steinbach, so Epp decided to go paddleboarding. 

"We gotta find entertainment somehow, right?” 

He tells the story of how the adventure began. 

“I was driving around and I noticed there was a lot of water. And I've been stuck inside for a long time and I’ve got summer toys that need to be played with!"

He brought some of the neighbourhood kids for a ride, noting even his dog wanted in on the fun.

He wore crocs as there could be sharp objects on the ground, and notes his cowboy hat worked pretty good to get him some speed.

"It's nice and big, so I found that with the amount of wind there was, if I tilted my head up to the sky, my hat acted as a sail and I went faster."

Epp had a drone, a 360 camera, and people were taking pictures, so he got a lot of great photos and video to remember the day.


With files from Corny Rempel 

Cody Epp paddleboarding

Cody Epp paddleboarding

Cody Epp paddleboarding