Festivities in every direction were the scenes in Ste. Anne during the September long weekend.  

The annual Dawson Trail Days took place at Redemptoriste Park from Friday, September 1, to Saturday, September 2. Ste. Anne’s Recreational Services Manager, Sarah Normandeau, says they “couldn’t ask for a better day.”  

The hot weather didn't stop families and individuals from visiting and participating during the day. Festivities included a bike parade, watermelon eating contest, foam parties, carnival games and more. Local cheer club Phoenix Cheer Athletics also put on a show with stunts, cotton candy making and other activities. 

“People are having so much fun on the mechanical surfboard, and that thing goes fast, like adults are falling off of it. It's really funny to watch. The jousting, the face painting. Everyone is having a blast, everyone's having a great time,” Normandeau says. 

To her, Dawson Trail Days are all about community and moving the festivities to Redemptoriste Park made it more accessible.  

“I think my biggest highlight is the Villa Youville, the residents coming out and kind of staking their place,” she shares. “We have a lot of older residents here that are just enjoying the day, watching the little kids play. They're just loving it, and we've never had that before because we've always been so far away.” 

She thanks the community for participating and highlights the next generation for their work. 

"Half of the things here are all done by teenagers, so we have a lot of volunteers that are like 13 to 16 years old, and they have smiles on their faces. They love giving back, and it's just been amazing to see, and they're huge volunteers for the community,” she explains. 

In the future, Normandeau hopes to organize more festivities for Ste. Anne and the community.  

Check out the photos from Dawson Trail Days on Saturday: 

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